Fishing Kings Free+ App Reviews

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Fun and free!

Good fishing app. Just need to be patient to play. The energy aspect of the game can frustrate if you dont want to pay for coins and gear.

Can you guys update this game for the new ios updates

I miss playing this amazing game but i cant play it due to the new IOS updates can you please update so i can play this wonderful game once again.



Exciting game

I have actually enjoyed playing this fishing game. Keep up the good work.


But David was right make an update please ?? but best fishing game Ive ever played ?

IOS 11+

This app used to be one of my favorites on my ipod a long time ago. You need to update it to be compatible for IOS 11!

Need an update ios11

Please update so ios11 users can enjoy

Update this all ready!

If you don’t update this with iOS 11 then my son can’t play it because it won’t let him download it!

Please update For OS 11

Just updated phone and no not compatible : (

Good but update

I would give it 5 stars but it needs to be updated to work with iOS 11 and the developer has to do that

Awesome easy

Love it

Needs to be updated

I am still waiting on an update. Otherwise I’m just gonna delete it

Fun app

Love the app it keeps me occupied

Please update app to be compatible with iOS 11

I love this game but can’t play it anymore until the developer updates it and makes it compatible with the new iOS updates


This is as close as you can get to the real thing, without getting fishy?

Atlantic Canyon

I want to be able to fish the Atlantic Canyon, Hawaii, Alaska, Great Lakes, and Pacific Coast Plus make the fish jump out the water some times. Even have some of them fin ski across the top of the water. Both that player sees from the boat, then back in the water to finish reeling them in. All in all Great Game. Thank you.


Best game ever I spend hours with my phone playing

Update please

I can’t play this game with iOS 11 please update the game so I can

Great game!

Easy to play.

updates needed...

all suddenly i couldnt play anymore b/c no updates r available @ this moment... :/

  • send link to app