Fishing Kings Free+ App Reviews

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Please update it for iOS 11

Best app but is not available for iOS 11 can you please update it


I love it!!!

Make it compatible with IOS 11

I loved this game ever since I got it. But now I cannot install it because it is not compatible with ios 11. Please, please please make it compatible. ?


the shark bait is 200 coins it ust to be 500 2nd fish A BULL SHARK u would love this game

Greedy app

These guys charge an arm and a leg for just a few more levels of energy. It is complete BS. I will keep telling people to avoid this game because 5 minutes of a game is not worth 10$.

This game will take money from you

No matter how far you get, you will have to pay real money to catch digital fish. You also sometimes may have to pay to replenish your energy. I paid once, and the energy bar didnt replenish. They show their true colors. They will take your money.


iOS 11 users can not play this great game until developer updates!

Best fishing game despite some flaws

Of the several fishing games Ive played, Fishing Kings is by far the best. Not difficult to control, fair play, a good variety of lures and fish, and a fun variety of challenges. The music is nice, but admittedly it sometimes doesnt work. The energy bar limits the number of times you can cast and you have to buy money or wait a certain amount of time to replenish it, which could cost you a challenge/tournament. Finally, winning a challenge sometimes boils down to being in the right spot at the right time. Despite these flaws, this game beats other fishing games by a wide margin. Very fun and challenging. I recommend it.


This game is a lot of fun!

Needs to be updated

I am still waiting on an update. Please update soon- we all love this game!

It’s ok

It was fun to play



Cool game but...

This is a cool game game but it say I need to update the game but it has no update so I can not play the game any more plz fix this

fishing free

It teaches you to fish!


this app needs updating for ios 11

Do this for me

I would love if you guys could update the game so it can be played in IOS 11. This is my favorite game but now I cant enjoy the fun experience of the game that I love. If this is possible I would like for you guys to make it a thing.

Can’t play

I can’t even download. You can only play it with IOS 8!! I have IOS 11!!

Fun and free!

Good fishing app. Just need to be patient to play. The energy aspect of the game can frustrate if you dont want to pay for coins and gear.

Can you guys update this game for the new ios updates

I miss playing this amazing game but i cant play it due to the new IOS updates can you please update so i can play this wonderful game once again.



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